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Art Project ‘Cultural heritage and art, an interactive artistic concept'

Have a look at the video:

Everywhere you can find dusty, forgotten heritage that seems just useless and ugly.

To draw more respect on cultural heritage as a source of interesting historical facts, I choose a rundown site for every new art project, followed by a small research project that is linked to the specific site.

I developed heritage related artworks in Belgium, San Francisco, China and Luxembourg.

The central question for my research projects is: “What do the buildings and objects tell me?”

The results (video films and performances) are often referring to the broader idea of conceptual art from the seventies.

In the coming years I will try to develop virtual reality projects to increase the inter activeness of my artworks that will include guided tours and new,

stunning social - visual experience, based on the use of virtual reality equipment.

Contact: Egberdien van der Torre, artist